Leah Naparstek

Professional Experience

Leah Naparstek practices exclusively in the area of criminal defense throughout California. She is an aggressive and talented attorney who represents individuals accused of crimes ranging from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. She is highly knowledgeable in the area of DUI defense and obtains outstanding results in this specialized area of law.

After a lengthy career dedicated to Jewish education and administration, Leah studied law at Abraham Lincoln University of Law where she graduated summa cum laude in 2008 and was bestowed the honor of class valedictorian. Armed with her law degree and license to practice law she vowed to use her knowledge of the law and extensive people skills to continue to help others and to make a positive difference in their lives.

Ms. Naparstek gained valuable insight and experience while working at an immigration law firm throughout her attendance at Law University and for several years after she earned her law degree. Her astute understanding of the law and meticulous attention to details, coupled with her compassionate nature and tireless energy, allowed for many immigrants to realize their dreams of being able to live in the United States.

Leah Naparstek’s lifelong dedication to helping people improve the quality of their lives turned out to be the perfect testing ground for becoming a criminal defense attorney. She believes that a successful advocate for those accused of committing a crime must have more than just knowledge and experience. A good attorney must possess the necessary drive and determination for justice in order to be a true voice for her client’s rights. Ms. Naparstek holds that drive and determination by being tenacious with prosecutors and exacting to the details of a case.

Leah has a wonderful gift of making people feel comfortable and quickly earning their trust. Her diverse background has allowed her to relate to people from all walks of life. Each one of her clients is treated as the most important – because when she works on their case they ARE the most important! She makes herself available day and night and makes sure each client understands that their case is more than just business…. it’s personal for her. Coming from a large family and having raised eight children of her own, Leah understands that criminal charges carry very high stakes for her clients and their families, and she is sensitive and considerate towards them as they face the legal challenges together.

Bar Admissions

California State Courts

US District Court Central District of California

US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

United States Tax Court


California Bar Association

American Bar Association

Los Angeles County Bar Association

San Fernando Valley Bar Association

Criminal Courts Bar Association

Private Defenders of California, Inc.

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm specializes in serving all those who are charged with a crime in Orange County, CA. 

Using our blended expertise and experience in criminal defense as well as prosecution, our team approach successfully defends those finding themselves in complex legal situations. We will even handle your case if you are visiting Orange County from out-of-state and get accused of committing a crime.

Our team approach has resulted in our clients receiving reduction of charges and dismissals. We have spared defendants from having criminal records that would result in life-altering changes such as not being able to find reasonable employment or not being accepted for financial opportunities.

We have secured our clients private jail placements and home confinement with an ankle bracelet monitoring to help our clients avoid jail time. We have also successfully worked with judges to allow work furlough releases so that our clients could keep their present employment.

Working with Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm to fight criminal charges is your best chance of having a sentence reduced or dismissed. We have successfully been able to terminate protective orders, defend those accused of domestic violence. Our firm has helped clients to retain their driving privileges by attending court proceedings with them as well as assisting them through their dealings with the Department of Motor Vehicles for DUIs.

Our defense attorney team is willing to defend you in court personally if you are not living in California or have reason to fear deportation or arrest if you appear in court yourself. If you have visited California and found yourself in legal difficulties, we will appear in court on your behalf when you have to return home and help resolve the charges against you.

The Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm’s extensive experience in the California legal system has given us insight on how to handle court proceedings. With our background in both prosecuting and defending offenders, we know exactly which strategy to use to get you the best defense against any criminal charges you are facing.

Our firm believes that every case we handle deserves our personal attention, and will not pass off the case to a junior associate as is the case in many larger law firm models. We know that each client who asks for legal help is unique, and we will do our best to ensure you have confident, experienced, and reputable legal counsel team on your side from start to finish.