Remaining on top of your law firm’s operation should always be your top priority as a criminal defense attorney. It is the only way to run a successful law firm. But, challenges come when there are so many tasks and only a few personnel to handle them. Since it is your law firm, you are forced to handle most tasks single-handedly, leaving you exhausted, less motivated, and unable to accomplish everything you set your mind to. But an answering service can ease your work schedule, make your tasks manageable, and give you enough time and energy to focus on the most critical tasks. You are also left with enough time to rest and rejuvenate, which is essential in boosting your productivity. Thus, if you do not have one, it is time to hire an answering service for your criminal defense attorney law firm. Here are the top reasons to do so:

It Minimizes Missed Calls From New and Existing Clients

Today, phone calls and text messages are excellent communication methods with a law firm. Clients seeking legal services do not always find time to visit attorneys’ offices. Most defendants seek legal counsel while still in police custody. It is sad if they cannot contact you as a criminal defense attorney when they require legal assistance and advice.

Missed calls in a law firm increase the likelihood of losing an existing client. If a defendant interested in your service cannot reach you once or twice, they must seek legal help from another law firm. It is because legal processes are usually time-bound. If the defendant wastes more time attempting to contact you, it could delay their legal process and jeopardize the outcome of their case.

This is an excellent reason to hire an answering service for your criminal defense attorney law firm. An answering service ensures that a real person answers all your business calls and messages whenever an existing client contacts your business. Your clients will find the assistance and information they require and will be able to contact you directly.

You also do not want to miss any calls from potential clients because that could translate to a missed business opportunity. Remember that your clients will only be with you for a while, after which you need more clients to keep the business running. An answering service will ensure all new clients are appropriately directed and informed about your services. They are also connected directly to you for more assistance. That is how you quickly convert your callers into clients.

Your Callers’ Basic Questions Are Adequately Answered

Before hiring your criminal defense services, clients call to inquire about your services, expertise in criminal defense, rates, and availability. These inquiries help them make an informed decision. You could receive hundreds of these calls every week, prompting you to stay online to answer most, if not all, your callers. Answering calls and messages and providing the same information to your callers every day can be tiring and time-consuming. Remember the many other tasks you must attend to, including reviewing your client’s case, advising them on their options, gathering evidence, reviewing the prosecutor’s evidence, and representing your clients in trial.

However much you want to answer all your callers’ questions, your time for answering calls and messages is usually limited. But an answering service can ensure that someone can give your callers the information they need as you attend to your other important tasks.

An answering service ensures that someone is available throughout the day and night to give directions and information to your callers. You only need to provide them with the information you want your potential clients to receive about your business. They will do it on your behalf. If your clients call while you are in court or at home relaxing, all their basic questions are answered immediately. If they have more inquiries, your call handler can redirect their call to you so that you can answer wherever you are.

Remember that how you answer your callers speak volumes about your law firm. If you have the information they need, and someone is available to answer their calls, they see your law firm as reliable. With the right information, it becomes easier for potential clients to decide about hiring your firm for legal representation.

It Minimizes Interruptions To Your Busy Schedule

Your days as a criminal defense attorney must be pretty busy. If you already have clients, you must have a full schedule handling various tasks to ensure your client’s cases succeed. For example, you could gather evidence from crime scenes, interview eyewitnesses, devise legal defense strategies for your clients in the office, or negotiate plea bargains in court. Business calls while you are busy with other tasks can be pretty disruptive. But missing business calls is not an option considering that your calls are as important as everything else you have to handle.

An answering service can take care of your business calls and messages as you handle other tasks within your schedule. Your call handler will take all your caller’s inquiries professionally and efficiently. You could give them basic information regarding your law firm dealings so that they can pass the information to your callers.

A call handler will only forward a call to you or your office if they feel it is necessary. When someone else handles most of your business calls and messages, you can comfortably concentrate on the most critical tasks to ensure your law firm runs smoothly. Fewer interruptions also mean you can comfortably set and meet goals, beat deadlines, and have sufficient time to rest.

It Keeps Your Law Firm More Organized

Staying organized is crucial in a criminal defense attorney law firm. It ensures everything runs smoothly and everyone meets their goals. The best way to achieve an organized law firm is by delegating duties. If you have other people helping you around your law firm, including paralegals and office assistants, ensure they understand their tasks for a smooth operation. A call handler can also help you remain organized by delegating all call-related duties to them.

Everyone is tasked with receiving and making business calls without a call handler. There is minimal accountability if you do things this way. Business calls are special, so they should be handled specially. Call handlers are trained and well-equipped to handle incoming and outgoing calls. They know what to say to your callers. They can also handle other call-handling-related tasks, including scheduling, canceling, and rescheduling appointments. They can forward important calls to you or your associates.

You can expect high productivity when your law firm is running smoothly. It works well when everyone in the law firm knows what is expected of them. You can set goals and achieve them within set deadlines when everyone handles tasks according to their training and ability.

Remember that call handling takes much of your time as a criminal defense attorney. When a professional call handler manages your calls, you can organize your other tasks better to satisfy your clients.

An Answering Service is More Affordable

Call handling is an integral part of any business. Businesses receive and make hundreds of calls every week for various reasons. For that reason, it is impossible to operate a successful criminal defense law firm without the help of a call manager. In a traditional business setting, you will need an in-house receptionist to help you with different office tasks, which include managing your business calls and messages. But outsourcing has brought about an even more affordable way for businesses to achieve this.

A virtual call handler can offer the same services as an in-house call handler but at an affordable rate. It is an excellent way for your business to save while at the same time receiving quality call-handling services. There are several reasons why a virtual call handler is more affordable.

You do not incur the costs of hiring and training a virtual call handler. Everyone you hire to work for your law firm will cost your business money and time during recruitment. But outsourced call centers handle the recruitment processes and training. They incur all the associated costs and do not charge you for them when you hire their services.

Additionally, you are not responsible for equipping the virtual call handler with everything they need to do their job. For example, they need an office, tools, and equipment to manage their business calls, emails, messages, and social networks. Outsourced call centers provide everything and only charge you for the services you receive.

These call centers also occasionally put their virtual assistants through additional training to ensure they have the necessary skills and experience to serve you even better. You do not incur retraining costs. What you pay for virtual call handling services cannot compare to what you would pay to have a highly trained and skilled in-house receptionist.

An Answering Services Improves Your Availability To Your Clients

Your availability is important to people who seek criminal defense services. People who hire you are most likely those who face criminal charges. They need you around throughout the legal process to feel cared for and understood, regardless of their legal situation. But proving your availability to your clients could be a problem if you cannot promptly answer their calls and messages. If you have already started the legal journey with them, they could doubt your commitment to delivering a favorable outcome for their case. If you are yet to start the legal journey, your clients could doubt your willingness to help them if you are unavailable when they need you the most.

An answering service bridges the gap between your law firm and its clients. A call handler ensures that your clients are attended to, even in your absence. There is no moment when they will feel neglected as long as there is someone to answer their calls and messages. Your call handler will also contact them to keep you in constant communication with your clients.

An in-house call handler can keep communication with your clients ongoing, but only for a limited period. In-house receptionists do not work around the clock. They do not proceed to work at home after office hours. But a virtual call handler will be available round the clock, receiving your calls and providing the information your callers need regardless of the time or day. The best-answering service will leave your business open throughout for your clients. It shows your commitment to service whenever they need your help.

It Increases Your Business’ Professionalism and Credibility

Your business callers' thoughts and feelings about your criminal defense attorney law firm are very important. You create your business' reputation from how you handle your clients. The people you have served in the past will leave testimonials and messages to potential clients, advocating or criticizing your legal services. That is why choosing the services you invest in for your business is important.

The people you work with can build or bring down your business. You must carefully choose your employees, particularly those that handle your clients directly. Call handlers will deal with your existing and potential clients every day. In that case, they must have proper training, experience, and the ability to thoroughly satisfy your business callers' needs.

Call centers hire the best call handlers, train them, and equip them with the necessary tools and equipment for excellent service delivery. They do not compromise on the skills their call handlers have, including personal and interpersonal skills. Their goal is to ensure that the person handling your business calls has all it takes to increase your business's professionalism and credibility.

When potential clients call your office, they are well-treated and guided into choosing you as their criminal defense attorney. All the information they need is provided elaborately and professionally. Your existing clients will always be eager to contact you because you have a helpful and caring person handling your calls. No one regrets reaching out to your office.


Would you like to increase efficiency, professionalism, and credibility in your criminal defense law firm?

Consider hiring an answering service. Instead of spending so much money hiring and equipping an in-house call handler, you can hire a virtual one. It will save your business money, relieve some of your daunting tasks, and help avail your business to your clients round the clock. You will enjoy seamless services with the correct call handler, including well-handled inbound and outbound calls and appointment scheduling. Virtual call handlers do more than manage business calls and messages. They can ensure you receive essential calls in real time and manage your emails and social media accounts. It is the right step to take to grow your business to a higher level.