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We are committed to our clients and work diligently and competently to provide the highest standards possible and find the best resolution to your charges.
Criminal allegations impact your future, and it is our commitment to you to work hard and protect your future and your rights. At Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney, we understand the seriousness involved with a criminal allegation. These charges have a significant impact on a person’s life, including loss of employment, high anxiety, suspension or loss of a professional license, and missed work time. With these charges, you may experience searches of your home and even possible government supervision. When you work with us, you have the best possible chance of fighting these charges. We work continuously to find the evidence or lack of it in your defense to reduce or dismiss the charges you are facing.

When it comes to choosing Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm as your criminal defense attorney, you are choosing experience that will equal success against the life-altering, criminal allegations you are facing. We will bring our knowledge and expertise by working with you through this challenging legal battle. Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney knows how to work around the legal system and with government policies, he has a thorough understanding of procedures and the personnel who work in the system. This knowledge and experience are what will work for us to defend your case with a positive outcome.

When you are facing criminal charges, you deserve an attorney who will commit to your defense and provide you with the best possible outcome. Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm will treat you professionally, honestly, and courteously. Your case will be handled diligently and competently using the highest standards in the legal profession. Our attorneys will pursue your case following the law and California Bar Rules of Professional Responsibility and Conduct. Any decision regarding your charges and the outcome of your case will be decided by you under our guidance; we will make no decisions without your prior approval.

Having a criminal record in California will impact your future. A conviction on your record means anyone performing a background check will reveal your criminal record. You will no longer enjoy the same rights that most citizens have. A criminal record is going to include information about your arrest and prevent you from getting a bank loan, obtaining a professional license, and even from owning a firearm. You don’t want to risk your future with a conviction that means you will then have a criminal record. Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm knows the hardships you will face with a criminal risk and will work hard on your defense and your rights.

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Decades of experience as a former prosecutor for Orange County as well as prosecutorial experience in Riverside County, along with extensive criminal defense experience in all of Southern California, we specialize in representing clients in Orange County and also represent clients in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego counties. If you or a loved one lives in these areas and are facing life-altering criminal allegations, contact our office for the best possible criminal defense. We can schedule an appointment to discuss your best legal options for defending you from these charges.

We are Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys Ready to Serve and Defend You

As a former long-time Orange County Prosecutor as well as former Riverside County Prosecutor along with a long-standing successful private practice attorney in criminal defense, We are ready to defend you with our extensive knowledge of the law and court systems. We have helped many individuals challenge convictions and clear their criminal records as well as uncovered new evidence in cases to clear client’s charges. We are ready to help you uncover any evidence or error that will allow you to receive a reduced sentence or a dismissal of all charges. When We represent a client, our team applies personal attention that you deserve to solving this crisis and providing you the best defense possible. These are some of the charges we can help defend you against.

  • Domestic Violence
  • Stalking
  • Assault/Battery
  • DUI / Driving Crimes
  • Theft/Fraud Crimes
  • Sex Crimes / Child Molestation
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Drug Crimes
  • Gun & Weapon Crimes
  • Dismissals and Expungements

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