Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm serves all those who are charged with a crime in Orange County, CA. Our attorneys have a legal background, unlike many attorneys serving the State of California. Our defense strategies come from extensive experience as both a defense counsel and a prosecutor’s perspective. Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm is prepared and ready to handle any criminal charges from the state level to the federal level.

Using our expertise and experience in criminal defense, our law firm successfully defends those finding themselves in complex legal situations and will even handle your case if you are visiting Orange County from out-of-state and get accused of committing a crime.

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney has reason to celebrate a successful career as he has tried numerous jury trials with favorable verdicts, which resulted in our clients receiving dismissals and reduction of charges. We have spared defendants from having criminal records that would result in life-altering changes such as not being able to find reasonable employment or not being accepted for financial opportunities.

Our record for negotiating the disposition of cases is one of the highest in the state. We have earned our clients‘ credit for time served’ in dispositions, private jail placements, secured home confinement with an ankle bracelet monitoring to help our clients avoid jail time. Our firm has also had a high success rate in having his clients enter a day for day credit in residential drug and rehab programs to avoid jail time, and worked with the judges to allow work furlough releases so that offenders can keep their present employment.

Working with Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm to fight criminal charges is your best chance of having a sentence reduced or dismissed. We have successfully been able to terminate protective orders, defend those accused of domestic violence. Our firm has helped clients to retain their driving privileges by attending court proceedings with them as well as assisting them through their dealings with the Department of Motor Vehicles for DUIs.

Our defense attorneys are willing to defend you in court personally if you are not living in California or have reason to fear deportation or arrest if you appear in court yourself. If you have visited California and found yourself in legal difficulties, Our attorneys will appear in court on your behalf when you have to return home and help resolve the charges against you.

The Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm’s extensive experience in the California legal system has given us insight on how to handle court proceedings. With our background in both prosecuting and defending offenders, we know exactly which strategy to use to get you the best defense against any criminal charges you are facing. We also have a network of associates ready to help with the many aspects of a successful criminal defense case.

Our firm believes that every case we handle deserves our personal attention, and will not pass off the case to a junior associate as is the case in many larger law firm models. We know that each client who asks for legal help is unique, and we will do our best to ensure you know you have a confident, experienced, and reputable legal counsel on your side from start to finish.