Harris County District Attorney Wants Grand Jury Reform

How the Grand Jury System in Texas Works Grand juries have been in the news often in the last year. And Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson wants to change the method Texas uses to select grand jurors to serve. So how do grand juries...

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Could Possession of Marijuana Ever Become a Civil Fine Only Penalty in Texas?

Texas Counties Could Stand to Save Significant Amount of Money Last year, I wrote about Dallas County how plans to start issuing tickets for possessing small amounts of marijuana. Dallas County realized the overwhelming financial costs stemming from...

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Texas Bill Proposes Statewide Body Cameras for Police Officers

Bill Would Create Funds for Statewide Body Cameras on Officers Who Frequently Stop Vehicles This seems to be the way things are headed. For better or for worse, rampant technological innovations are catalyzing police officers and law enforcement...

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Texas Had More Exonerations in 2014 Than Any Other U.S. State

Highest Number of U.S. Exonerations Ever in 2014 There were a lot of bad convictions in the U.S. that were overturned or dismissed in 2014. The National Registry of Exonerations claims that 125 individuals were falsely convicted and subsequently...

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