Dallas Wants to Stop Arresting for Marijuana Possession

Dallas County announced that, in the near future, people charged with possession of marijuana might avoid arrest. Instead, they would face a ticket and be asked to show up in court. This is called cite and release. The threshold amount for arrest would...

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Wearing Cameras is Becoming More Fashionable with Police

Police Cameras are Growing in Popularity In what is starting to become a trend, police departments across the country are beginning to equip their officers with body-mounted cameras. These small cameras that police can append to their uniforms or...

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Are Corporations “People” When They Commit Crimes?

H-E-B and CVS Pay Civil Fines for Filling Prescriptions for Unlicensed Doctors When pharmacies HEB and CVS are investigated for alleged illegal distribution of controlled substances in violation of federal law, they don’t go to jail. Instead, they are...

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Planning a Crime? Don’t Bring Your iPhone

Texas Police Don’t Need a Warrant to Get Your Cell Phone Location Data When you make or receive calls, send or receive texts, a communication happens between you and the nearest cell tower to you that spills the beans on your precise location. A...

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