Fort Worth Police Officer Gets DWI

Off-Duty Fort Worth Police Officer Arrested for DWI A veteran of the Fort Worth Police was detained and arrested on suspicion of DWI early Monday morning. According to a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article, the officer is a veteran, and has been on the...

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Does Chronic Pot Smoking Actually Shrink the Brain?

Maybe Your Dad Was Right All Along About Your Friends From High School Recently, researchers finally admitted that they may agree with with your dad. A group of researchers now report a possible link between chronic marijuana use and smaller, shrinking...

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You Might Be Innocent Until Proven Guilty, but Your Stuff Isn’t

Civil Forfeiture: Police Spending Relies on Seized Assets Law enforcement throughout the county rely on the money seized under civil forfeiture law to finance increasingly escalating spending on new police toys: guns, armored vehicles, and surveillance...

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Media Use of “Heroin Epidemic” Distorts Incidence of Actual Heroin Use

There has been a national hysteria about a heroin epidemic in the United States. The widespread fear has grown in light of highly publicized and devastating events like the overdose death of Philip Seymour Hoffman in February. To be fair, there is some...

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