Will Fort Worth DWI Investigations Soon Be in HD?

Fort Worth PD Purchases 400 AXON Flex Cameras Yesterday, the Fort Worth Star Telegram and other outlets reported that the Fort Worth Police Department purchased 400 new cameras for its officers to wear in the field. The cameras attach to an officer’s...

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Death Penalty for DWI?

Austin, TX Driver Makes Getting a DWI Much, Much Worse A driver attempting to evade a drunk driving charge and escape police crashed through a barricade late last night in Austin, killing and injuring pedestrians. Now Travis County may be seeking the...

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DWI with a 0.00% Breathalyzer? You Bet

DWI with a 0.00% Breathalyzer in Texas Larry Davis, who blew a 0.00% on a breathalyzer, was arrested and charged for DWI last year in Austin. You can read about him and watch the dashcam video here: Davis DWI. His story highlights how willing and...

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Under Arrest in Fort Worth? Was it Legal?

Police Need a Warrant to Enter your Home A common story goes like this: police officers will knock on your door, ask to look around, tell you that it will be easier on you if you consent. They explain to you that they are just going to get a warrant...

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